Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Clothes Wish List.

My clothing style has changed so much in the last couple of years and I've been creating a list of items that I think are 'essential' or 'staple' and will go with everything I own and make simple but cute and classy outfits. I also have a wish list of shoes and accessories that I want that I will put in a separate post.

1. White shirt
Pretty much the perfect casual outfit!
An obvious staple item that can be paired with anything! I love the idea of having a simple outfit of white shirt, jeans and some cute shoes in a bright colour. It's something that can be easily thrown on in the morning put looks really put together and classy

2. Pink shirt and Light Blue shirt
One of these in light blue too, please!

There's no point in putting these two separately really. It's pretty much the same idea as above but with a bit of added colour to the clothes, not just the accessories.

3. Black cardigan
Almost perfect!
It's a bit odd that I don't actually own one of these...the amount of times that I've wished that I had one is way too many to count now so it's probably time I bought one! I just need to find one that I automatically love.

4. Red cardigan
It would be perfect for Christmas!
There's a pattern forming of the same items in different colours...but I also find myself wishing I owned one like with the black cardigan.

5. Crew knitted cable V neck jumpers
I love the colour of this one so much!

I have the Bright Pink and Teal versions (colours no longer available) of this already and I love them so much! They're so soft and warm, they're my go to when I want to look put together but can't be bothered to actually think about my outfit that day. I think they're great and look so nice, all of the colours are amazing, I just want them all! The fit so well and look amazing, these are my favourite jumpers ever!

6. Red jeans

These are gorgeous!

I think a pair of bright jeans should be staple in every girl's wardrobe and I would love a red, orange or teal coloured pair. They're another item that you can put a plain top over on a lazy day and it will automatically look great.

7. Black Blazer

Something almost identical to this would be great!

Another item that I have wished I had on numerous occasions. I almost bought one from New Look about a month ago but it didn't look just right so I didn't buy it!

8. Grey Blazer

I also love the top on this.

My current clothes would go perfectly with a grey blazer! Again, I just need to find one that is the perfect mix between casual and formal.

9. White jeans

Can I have these please?

I was craving a pair all summer. I felt like normal jeans were getting really boring and I had so many outfit ideas that could include white jeans but I never had the opportunity to buy any!

10. White slouchy t shirt

I wish I could find something like this when I'm out shopping!

This would go perfect under one of my current blazers or jackets and would look great with my recently bought boyfriend jeans. It's odd that I don't actually own a plain white t shirt as it's one of the most basic staple pieces out there!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and it might have given you some ideas of what you want to buy in the future!
Jess xx

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