Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lazy Days and Glitter

I was originally meant to meet up with my friend yesterday before she goes off to Uni in a couple of weeks, but she fell ill so I ended up having a lazy day instead! I spent quite a bit of the day writing new blog posts, reading Herodotus and I painted my nails again!
I have to read Herodotus for one of my A2 Ancient History modules this year so I have to read nearly the whole thing, it's so long and it jumps around a lot but it's interesting and I quite like it, it just takes a long time to get into it properly which sometimes makes it boring.
I got bored of my peachy orange colour on my nails so I changed it to something more Autumny. I used my Jessica nail polish in Marilyn that my parents bought me as a Christmas or Birthday present (I got it quite a while ago, but I've never used it until now!) and it's one of the best I've used, either just as good or even better than my Essie polishes! I love it, it's a metallic pink/purple that looks like a Christmassy colour. It went on really well and most nails only took two coats to make it the exact colour in the bottle but one coat was enough for a slightly lighter colour though. I also decided to try the accent nail trend and I used Rimmel Precious Stones nail polish in Diamond dust. It is really glittery with slightly bigger bits that stand out and look so pretty! I've never tried the accent nail or any other effects like glitter so this is completely new for me and I really like the way it turned out! I'm also glad that I'm not finding bits of glitter everywhere too because then it just gets annoying.

I love how this worked out! 
I also watched Wall-E for the first time since I saw it in the cinema years go! I'd forgotten how much I love that film, even though there it's any talking for the first third or so, it's still so good! It's sad and funny and sweet and I love it so much! Who knew you could get so involved with a relationship between Robots?!

I only have today left before I start back at college tomorrow for my final year. To be honest I'm quite excited but nervous because I know how much work it will take and I know that I'm not very likely to be doing much else apart from work this year to ensure my grades go up. I also have to do my Uni applications so it all feels very final and like my next stage in life is really close. I'm so excited for Uni because it's so different from normal school and that extra independence will be really nice I think! I just need to work for it to make sure I get offers from my chosen Unis and then actually get the grades to go there! I'm just glad that I have really supportive teachers and I love all of my subjects so I'm going to work hard and I know that the help will be there if I need it. 
Jess xx

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