Sunday, 29 September 2013

One Step Beyond

For my Dad's birthday present, my family bought him tickets for us to go and see Madness at Alexandra Palace last night. 
It was incredible.
At some concerts, the bands don't sound very good and it's obvious that they use auto tune, but for Madness, they sounded identical to their recorded tracks. Even though Alexandra Palace is a huge place, they commanded the crowd amazingly and it ended up being such a great night.
Unlike most concerts I've been to, the majority of the fans were older so it was a much better atmosphere and it ended up that people were dancing around (albeit drunkly) instead of making stupid mosh pits.
They played all of my favourite songs of theirs and it was great fun being able to sing along and dance to them.
I've missed going to gigs but this one was well worth the wait, it's probably the best I've ever been to!
Jess xx

My favourite gig I've been to so far!

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