Thursday, 5 September 2013

Last First Day of School.

I'm always nervous to return to school after summer but this year I was more excited! I can't believe that I've already done my last first day of school!
I already knew my timetable as it is the same as last year which is awesome because it means that my teachers are the same and I'm with mostly the same people which is nice, it means I don't have to get used to anything new apart from rooms! 
I really enjoyed going back and seeing my friends, and going back to lessons that I like instead of ones that I don't like, which is what I had with biology last year! My first Classics and English Lit lessons were good, and I got to look at the coursework questions for my English today and I'm so excited because there are quite a few questions that I can use the books I've already read for! I was hoping for some questions relating to Women, Madness or Obsession and I got two of those three in the form of six really nice questions so now the only problem will be choosing which one looks the best! My english teacher said that I have to resit my exam which isn't great though, I was hoping to avoid doing loads of exams but it seems like it's not going to happen! 
Even though I know this year's work will be hard, I know I'm going to enjoy it and I'm looking forward to it already! 
The only not so good thing about college this year is that the first years seem like a bunch of idiots which is annoying!
Jess xx

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