Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blogger Problems.

I say to myself at the beginning of each month that I will do a post every day and every month I fail. I always get so busy in one way or another so it's difficult quite a lot of the time to actually keep up with blogging, especially if all I'm doing is working or something equally boring and time consuming. 
I've decided that instead of a post a day this month, I'll just aim to do 30 posts; the equivalent of one a day but not necessarily having to post one a day. I could miss a day out and write two or three posts the next day but I think if I try hard to stick to this, it will stop me from leaving my blog unattended for a week or longer without a proper post. I think I should be able to actually complete it because this is already my fifth post of this month so I'm on target for once! 
In doing this, I hope that it will keep me writing and blogging regularly because I love writing so it should help me with that and it gives me something to do other than work so it will hopefully force me to take a short break at least for half an hour a day or every other day which will be good for me as I tend to overwork and stress quite a lot so just sitting and writing something fun and light-hearted will be so nice and relaxing. 
I just hope I can stick to it this time!
Jess xx

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