Saturday, 28 September 2013

MAC madness

Over the last few days, I've been finding myself perusing the MAC website and every time I'm drawn to the lipsticks.
All of the colours are so pretty and I've heard so many good things about them so I'm very tempted to save up and get a couple! 
My current favourites are: 

Viva Glam I 

Viva Glam V 


Creme in your coffee


Please Me 



Shy Girl


Pink Plaid

Creme cup


There are loads here and some are really quite similar. However, the swatches very rarely look like the lipstick on so I'll have to go and see what each colour looks like then choose out of my favourites in person! Obviously at £15 each, I'll have to cut this list down A LOT, or hope that they're all still around when I have money when I'm older! There are also Christmas and birthday presents too so I know what I'm writing on my list later this year! 
I'm leaning towards a darker colour for Autumn/Winter as I don't have a proper winter lip colour. I also want a natural/peachy looking lipstick that can be used as a more everyday colour!
Tell me which you guys prefer!


  1. I really love Ravishing, maybe that can be your peachy everyday one? :) xxxx

    1. I was thinking that! I really love the two Viva Glam colours too! Xxxx