Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn days

I'm currently sitting by the window in my college library and the trees just outside are starting to turn golden brown. Autumn is officially here and I couldn't be happier. Autumn in my books equals everything looking pretty, wooly scarves, big cozy jumpers and hot chocolate. Perfection in a season! I love the colder weather because it means getting to wear extra layers and not having to strip down to the glorified underwear that summer clothes end up being by early August.
I can't wait for every path to look like this in a month or so!
Autumn also means there's more of an excuse to stay inside in the warmth as the weather gets wetter and less acommodating. That does mean that I get to use my scotty dog umbrella though which makes me unnaturally happy, I love being outside but dry when it's raining, there's something calming about hearing the rain pitter-patting on my umbrella and having it centimetres away from me but unable to get to me.
It also means that it's just that little bit closer to Christmas which is always a great thing and I'm super excited! Christmas is my favourite holiday because people are always nicer around that time (unless you're my old tech teacher who actually had a 'Bah Humbug' Santa Hat...) and there are Gingerbread lattes in Starbucks; always a good thing for a coffee addicted student who will be majorly bogged down with work and revision by then!
Darker colours are also acceptable to wear which is also a good for my navy, grey and black orientated wardrobe. It also means I can wear darker nail polish which I've been struggling not to do for the last month.
What are you guys looking forward to about Autumn?
Jess xx

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