Thursday, 26 September 2013


I am underestimating the amount of work I have to do for my lessons and personal statement. I keep trundling along, just doing the pieces of work I've been given in my lessons, but not doing anything else to improve the amount of stuff I can write about in my personal statement. I also need to do more of the actual personal statement come to think of it! 
There is very little happening in my life apart from college work and preparing for Uni currently and I'm worried because I don't seem to understand the sheer enormity of the workload I already have, three weeks in to the first term of college. I could be doing so much more than what I am so I think I'm going to try and work harder and for longer by using my frees at college properly so I can use my time at home to focus on my personal statement and things to go towards it. 
Hopefully I can stick to my plan and get more done, but this also means that I probably won't be posting as regularly after this month which is a shame! This year is completely focussed on my A levels and everything else is having to be put second.
Jess xx

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