Sunday, 29 September 2013

Revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick in Brilliant Bordeaux

I'm a major sucker for lipsticks and lip colours in general but I've never tried a liquid lipstick before. So far I'm quite impressed! I bought it from boots earlier today because as I said yesterday, I wanted a darker lip colour for Autumn. I saw this and I was intrigued so I took the plunge and bought it!
I tried it on and it took about three coats to get the colour even and the same as the bottle. It was a little tricky as it dries quite quickly so you need to work with it quite quickly to get it looking perfect.
It's a long lasting product so it's quite drying but it isn't uncomfortable. It's also a good idea to make sure your lips are moisturised before using it though because dry patches tend to show up more. I wore it for about 2 hours before taking the picture below and you can see how well it's lasting! Afterwards, I put another coat on to see how much it had worn out and it was practically the same colour!
It feels slightly sticky when you're wearing it but I actually like the feeling so it's actually a plus point! I also had a drink in between applying and taking a photo so it lasted amazingly well! I can't wait to see what it'll fair like tomorrow in my only full day of college - hopefully it lasts the whole day!
The only problem I have with it is that it's really hard to get off, I need to use my make up wipes to remove it and even then it still takes quite a while to get it all off.
I assume I'll have to moisturise my lips quite a lot with this because it is quite drying but it's gorgeous and I assume I'll only wear it with a few outfits so it shouldn't have a big effect on my lips!

Such a pretty colour!
I love how bright this is!
It costs £7.99 from Boots
Jess xx


  1. I love the colour! I might have to go and get some but I've been spending waaaay too much on cosmetics lately. I think it really suits your skin tone, it's lovely! xxxx

    1. It's an odd one so make sure it's definitely something you want because otherwise you'll be wasting your money :) thank you! The colour is gorgeous, such a nice dark pink/red :)
      I know how you feel, I keep buying so much and adding to my list of what I want and it's crazy! Xxxx