Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Moving on.

I've been so busy sorting out various things for Uni and it's been a really hectic week! 
I've been talking to my teachers and I'm now predicted BBB after my AS results which I'm quite happy about to be honest! It means that I'm more likely to get lower offers from Uni so I will be able to get in to the Unis I really like! I think BBB is more realistic than AAB for me and it's still good enough which makes me happy! It takes a bit more pressure off me so I have realistic goals, not unachievable ones. 
I've also sorted out two lectures at Roehampton Uni over the next couple of months which I'm really excited about! They relate to my Classics course so it'll be great for my exams too! 
I'm starting my Young Leader and Adult Leader qualifications with my Brownie group over this term as well so I'm quite excited that I'll get to do this before I leave next year - it's a great thing to put on my personal statement and CV so I'm excited!
I also found out that I can talk about my blog on my personal statement so I'm happy that I will get to use this for something finally!
Jess xx

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