Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Ultimate Lazy Jeans.

I've been needing new jeans for a while due to most of mine being too small for me now so Mum ordered me another pair of my current jeans in a lighter colour and a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans. 
They are the comfiest things I've ever worn.

They're so baggy! 
I wasn't completely sure about how I would style them at first because I nearly always wear skinny jeans so my wardrobe is pretty much centred around outfits that include them, not anything loose. However, I ended up finding a few looser tops that I have that will hopefully look really nice with these! I wore them to college and I felt so comfortable, they're loose but don't look scruffy so they work really nicely. I wore them with converse, a purple top and a grey long cardigan and it was so nice to not care about what I was wearing or if anything was in the wrong place because it just added to the carefree and casual aspect of the look! 
They're also great for driving in because they don't get too tight if you move you legs too much and they are really light so they're just perfect! 
I can't wait to explore more style ideas including them in the future; if you have any suggestions of what to wear, they would be greatly appreciated! 
Jess xx
P.S. I can sit cross legged in them and not feel uncomfortable which is a MAJOR plus point for me as that is my go-to sitting position when at home.


  1. I like baggy!
    cute :)
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  2. I love loose jeans but they don't look good on me, but they look lovely on you! :D Just really casual and understated and you have a really nice pair! xxx

    1. Mine are from Next ( ) and were only £25! Thank you, I really love them, I've been wanting a pair for ages and I'm so happy because they're really nice! Try a pair of slightly thinner ones on, I bet you'll find a pair that work for you eventually! xxx