Saturday, 7 September 2013

The final option.

I went to see Cardiff Uni today and I was so surprised! I hadn't heard much about it, but the course seemed really good so I booked a place for the open day! 
Cardiff Uni is pretty much all situated down a single road so it's a campus but on the other hand, not a campus Uni which is strange but it works! It's almost like a campus road! We passed the main building in the car and I was completely blown away by how pretty it is! 
First we saw the accommodation and the type I'm looking at was open so we had a look and were so impressed! The rooms were a really nice size and had a HUGE desk and quite a lot of room which is so good! They aren't much of a walk from the teaching buildings which is always good, and it's only one long road with no hills so it'll be great if I get to go there!
Both of the subject lectures were really interesting and the joint archaeology and ancient history course sounds really good with some great fieldwork opportunities out in Europe! I'm really excited because the grades are BBB which I'm quite likely to achieve so I'm hoping I get in because I really love it there! 
How pretty is it?! 
Jess xx


  1. I've heard so many good things about Cardiff, everyone seems to love it! And it does look beautiful :) xxx

    1. Yeah, I have a friend who goes there and completely loves it! I was actually amazed by it, it's gorgeous! xxx