Tuesday, 10 September 2013

One Way, or Another.

As we enter our final year of mandatory school life, my year group has to start choosing our next steps in life, whether they lead us to University, an apprenticeship, a job or something else. 
Now I've had my grades back for this year, I've had to face the rather tough reality of the possibility of not reaching the grades I need to be accepted into the course I have been wanting to do for the last four years. This means looking at other options. On one hand, I love all things ancient and classical, and want to go on to do Archaeology and Ancient history (who's childhood dream wasn't to crawl around in the mud and dig for things for their whole lives?!) somewhere with a good reputation and teaching. However, on the other hand, I'm an Internet-savvy blogger who spends quite a lot of time (okay...most of my time) on the Internet, whether it be for social networking, research about yet another scrap of information I've found interesting and want to investigate, or doing something as simple as checking emails or reading the news. I forgot my phone on a day out on Sunday and I felt so lost, I kept checking my bag to see if it had magically turned up but sadly it hadn't and I felt like there was an odd space in my brain...and hand. With all of this in mind, my second (back up, if you will) choice of Uni course would be journalism of some kind, preferably Fashion journalism though. (One of the courses I've researched said I'm the description that all media should be understood, including Twitter! Perfect for me!) It looks so interesting and would incorporate the other side of my life which is equally important to me as the classical side of my life.
I really really love both things, modern and ancient, and in an ideal world I'll manage to get a weekly or monthly column for a paper or magazine whilst working on fieldwork or in a museum somewhere. My idea of heaven. But before I get anywhere near that, I'm going to have to pass this year and get on to one of my preferred Archaeology and Ancient history courses so I can progress how I want to. 
I'm going to have to work my arse off if I'm going to achieve my goals, but eventually I'll make it if I'm resilient enough and try my absolute hardest. If my hardest gets me Bs, great and I'll be super excited because come September, I'll head off to Uni to do Archaeology and Ancient history! However, if it gets me Cs, then look out Fashion journalism! 
Jess xx 

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