Friday, 6 September 2013

Things I'm loving at the moment.

I've been thinking of new ideas for posts and I've decided to do a little post of things that I'm really loving at the moment!
First on the list is...

Make up
I think this is self-explanitory. I've done so many posts about lipstick and nail polish and all of that in the last few weeks and it's a bit crazy! I have a slight obsession and to be honest, my spending on make up is only curbed by my lack of money to spend. I love having different colours that each look good with different outfits and different nail polishes; sometimes you also just feel like wearing a certain colour! I don't wear make up for anyone but me though, I went the whole of last year without wearing any but I've rekindled my love for it, it can make or break looks depending on what (if any) make up you use! 

Until a few weeks ago, I didn't read magazines, let alone fashion magazines. However, I ended up buying Elle and Glamour after seeing how thick they were in relation to other magazines and their price. Elle was £4 and Glamour was £2 so I took the plunge and bought them! Since then, I've had Marie Claire bought for me and I've bought the next issue of Glamour for only £1! 
I'm actually against fashion magazines because I don't like how edited and perfect all the pictures are. Luckily I'm not one of those people that get influenced easily by things I read, I just find the articles interesting and seeing what new products that I'll never be able to afford are! I find it fun to see how much clothing and shoes can go up to (I've seen some boots for over £4,000)! 
I find magazines a really good way to wind down just before bed and as I get home from college, they're a good way to just dumb down for a while and relax. 

It's so much fun to get a notification to tell me a friend has sent me a weird picture of them or something else! It's entertaining because you can send the weirdest faces and they can only be seen for a maximum of 10 seconds! You also can't save them (unless you're a genius and can screenshot while still having the picture open) which is really good!

Candy crush
I'm so embarrassed to say this, but candy crush is my guilty pleasure. I've managed to not play it for so long and I've missed most of the hype but my mum plays it religiously which got me into it. It's really addictive and I can go through quite a few levels (I did 12 in my first go...) in one go so it's a nice thing to do while waiting for something or as another dumbing down activity. 

It's the most amazing website. I've been really a lot more than I usually do so having a website to keep a track of what I've read, what I'm currently reading and what I want to read. You can also read people's reviews on books and review the books yourselves. It's also a good way to keep track of your friend's books that they're reading and get ideas for other books to check out! 
You can find my Goodreads here.

Lisa Hannigan
I've already spoken about her and I absolutely love her songs. She's an Irish singer/songwriter and I haven't found a single song I didn't like. Her YouTube channel is here.

This video.
I've spoken about TEDtalks before and I found this one a couple of days ago. Erika is fantastic, the talk is amazing and she is so funny! I love these and this is one of my favourites so far!

Burn Notice
Me and my family have been watching this for quite a while now and it's such a good programme! It's about a spy who was 'burned' and keeps trying to work out who burned him and in the mean time earns money by acting like a private investigator. Wikipedia explains it so much better than I do but I promise you, it's such a good programme! The main character's girlfriend/ex is also awesome because she wants to shoot and blow up everything which is quite funny most of the time! 

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I think I've covered everything! 
Jess xx

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