Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out

Exams brought my blogging to a halt, including the blogger challenges. That means I'm going to have to catch up with them and fast! 

Topic 9 was the first that I missed and it was about music. I've decided to do an album review for Ingrid Michaelson's Lights Out which came out just before this post was originally due! 

I've loved Ingrid's music for a long time and this album is no exception. It's a bit different from her older stuff as she had other writers helping her this time but I love it all the same! 

1. Home
I love this song, it has such a great tune.
2. Girls Chase Boys
Probably in my top 3 of the album - the video is also brilliant! It has such a great message and a catchy tune!
3. Wonderful Unknown (ft. Greg Laswell)
A slower song, but I love it! 
4. You Got Me (ft. Storyman)
This is such a different and more upbeat, poppy song for Ingrid but her and Storyman's voices work really well together to make a really great song.
5. Warpath
Easily in my top 3. Another upbeat song that I'm in love with - so easy to dance to and sing along to!
6. Handsome Hands
It's quite a slow song and I don't think it's as good as the others on the album. It picks up towards the end but I find it a little boring if I'm honest.
7. Time Machine
This one is a mix of pop and rock and is in my top 3, it's so catchy and memorable, I absolutely love this song and I'm constantly singing and humming it!
8. One Night Town (ft. Mat Kearney)
Another poppy and upbeat song. Too much 'ooh-ing' for my liking but it's still a good song!
9. Open Hands (ft. Trent Dabbs)
Not as good as the others in my opinion but it isn't bad - I just have others I would listen to over it.
10. Ready to Lose (ft. Trent Dabbs)
Another slow song but it's still pretty good! 
11. Stick
Okay...maybe I have a top 4. It's such a great song; less poppy than some of the others and it gives a nice mix!
12. Afterlife
A less dancy tune but equally memorable, I love it!
13. Over You (ft. A Great Big World)
Another great slow song - it's sweet and their voices are really nice together!
14. Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now
A lovely song to finish the album on, another slow one!

Overall I love the album and like with most others, it has stronger songs but its generally really good! If you haven't heard of Ingrid, I would definitely recumbent listening to her - the album is on Spotify and probably on YouTube too! 

Jess xx

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