Thursday, 11 October 2012


Sorry for the random title, bet it got your attention though, didn't it? ;) it's the first thing that came in to my mind, I apologise ;D
Despite still slowly dying of illness (boo!) today was actually really good!
It's my boyfriends birthday so I was excited about that, he's 18! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :3 sucks I can't actually see him until half term though :(
I had a free today so I went to boots and I got some new nail varnish and lipstick!! :) my friends then stole my nail varnish and painted each others nails, 2 guys and a girl by the way :P it was funny because they're all hopelessly bad at nail painting :D but as they were stealing my new nail polish, I decided to do mine too! It's already coming off though! -.-
I went to Reading yesterday and I got the most amazing panda biscuits! They're so cute and they have chocolate inside too! They're my favourites :3
I went to Starbucks after college today and I had a Salted caramel hot chocolate, I had an allergic reaction to it!!!!! (I'm allergic to nuts) all of my friends could smell the hazelnut in it too so we were super confused :S and this shows why trying new things is a very bad idea! From now on I'm sticking to my good old peppermint mocha which never lets me down!
After Starbucks I went to the cinema for free because the cinema in town is awesome and has a free film for first year students sometimes which is great :') we watched 'Untouchable' which is such a great film, funny but also makes you think too which is what I like in films! :) it was about a guy with a tough home life and he ends up being the carer for a disabled man and it's basically about them becoming friends and their journey together :) its such a cute film! ^.^ I looooooove it :D
Gah, I'm craving cupcakes now .___. Someone tell me that I'm not the only one who likes to lick the icing off cupcakes? It's so much fun! :') ....I'm so weird :P
Anyway....I'm seeing my old friends tomorrow because one of my friends invited me to his party tomorrow night! I'm beyond excited! It's going to be soo good :D eek! :D
I'm off now to sleep so I hopefully. Get better sooooon :D night night :3 (I got bored in Starbucks so I drew on a cup that I took from the biiiig stacks at the front :D)

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