Tuesday, 30 October 2012

We're off to see the wizard!

Sorry, couldn't think of a decent title :P that's the hardest part of blogging; thinking up a title!!!! Either way, this is the first thing that came in to my mind :D
Anyway! I'M SEEING MY BOYFRIEND TODAY!! :D I'm beyond excited; it's been over a month since I last saw him! :) it's going to be such a good day :D
I said to Kate I'd show her my outfit so below is what I'm wearing! (sorry, too cold to wear the skirt so I put on jeans instead!! :P) I love my owl necklace, it's from Accessorize :) the coat is from Debenhams, jeans and boots are from Next and my turtle neck is Dorothy Perkins :) sorry for the crappy photos; I was half asleep and my mirror is REALLY dusty! :P
I shall be back later! 'Til then, DFTBA guys! x


  1. Aw cute outfit! Looove your boots :) And also, I nearly bought that necklace today, haha! You have good taste (;

    1. Awwh, thank you! They're actually really comfortable! :) Awesome! So should have got it, it's great! :)