Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Perfect day was perfect :3

As I said earlier, I got to spend the day with Simon today and boy, was today just perfect ^.^
It didn't rain for a start! :P it was cold enough to wear my coat and the day was really pretty because of the gold and red autumn leaves, I love autumn so much :')
We went around town and got loads of sweets and a really yummy doughnut so I was happy because food :3
Then we went to his and we cuddled and watched films! :D I love lazy days like that :3 especially when it isn't too warm outside, it makes it feel like winter!
I can't wait for winter, hopefully I can go to London and see all of the Christmas lights up, it's meant to look so pretty :3
And...I GOT MORE MINI LOVE HEARTS! My life is complete again :')
I'm a bit hyper and I went on webcam with Simon about 10 mins ago (new webcam courtesy of me ;D it's awesome!) so I was bouncing around the screen and giggling randomly...:I don't have a clue why he puts up with me, I'm a nutter! :D
I also took some Dolly Mixture from the Halloween selection we have earlier, I haven't had them in years! It's SO GOOD! :D
Aaaaaannyyywaaaaay, I'm sleepy so I'm probably going to go to bed soon! :) it was honestly such a good day, I'm in a great mood after it ^o^ DFBTA guys :) x

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