Monday, 29 October 2012

Afro Circus!!!

I'm really sorry about the lack of decent posts over the last week or so, College has been so busy and I've just completely lacked any inspiration! :( Luckily, it's now half term so hopefully I will be able to do some more and interesting posts! :)
Basically, Afro Circus has been stuck in my head for the last 2 days or's from Madagascar 3 and my friend Phoebe showed it to me months ago...sitting through an exam with that going round in your head is NOT fun .___. It's really annoying but catchy too!
I went to Reading yesterday to get le boyfriend his birthday present (woo!) and ended up getting some sweets for myself as well x3 I got these awesome Lego brick sweets that actually fit together and are so awesome! They taste really good too! And I got some Thornton's chocolate (Viennese truffles, my favourite! :D) so I'm happy ^o^
I GET TO SEE MY BOYFRIEND TOMORROW! It's the first time in over a month so I'm super happy :') it's gonna be nice to just spend time with him :)
I have to tell my Auntie & Uncle ideas about what I'd like for Christmas and the only idea I've come up with is a bunch of books, films and CDs :S not sure which ones though :P any ideas guys? I can't think of what to get :S
I helped out at my College's open evening on Thursday, it was so much fun! It's funny helping out and seeing how it works from the other side :)
I've been speaking to Kate, a girl I met on blogspot! She's awesome & has a great taste in everything, we like lots of the same stuff :) plus her blog is just pure awesome! :) check it out guys! :)
Anyway, that's my random mash up of stuff that's happened over the last week or so :) DFTBA! x

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