Saturday, 13 October 2012


I went to my friend from old school's party yesterday; IT WAS AMAZING!
I've missed them so much, but the great thing about being close with them for so long is that once I come back and hang around with them, it's like I've never been away!
They're also just amazing when it comes to alcohol. I'm practically straight edge, I've never got drunk or even vaguely tipsy, NEVER smoked and I've never done drugs unless for medicinal purposes. I just don't see the attraction of any of them really. But my friends are great because their aim at parties isn't to get as drunk as possible like some others I know, they might have one or two beers, but they're not over the top! They know how to have fun without being completely drunk and it's great because then I don't feel left out as the only one who isn't drunk, like I do sometimes with other friends :) I've honestly missed them so so much! I love college and everything, but sometimes it's hard being away from your best friends for so long and so often, suppose it makes it more fun when you do meet up though :)
I just feel bad because it's a birthday party and I didn't know! IM SORRY ANDREW! D:
I'm so so happy that I got over 1000 views on my blog yesterday, you guys are amazing whether you've looked at my blog once or if you look at it every day (HI KATE!) or every other day! :) I love you all! DFTBA (don't think you guys could anyway ;D) x