Monday, 15 October 2012


MY FRIEND BROUGHT MY CAPTAIN AMERICA JUMPER IN TO COLLEGE TODAY AND OH MY LIFE IT'S THE MOST AMAZING JUMPER EVER. It's so baggy and comfy, I love it :D plus it's Captain America, what's not to like?! Okay, so it was £12 from the guys section in Primark, but it's so great :D it's actually decent fit and material too! :3 I love it, it's perfect for college ^^ I've attached a picture of me in my Captain America jumper :3 see how happy I look when I'm wearing it! ;P
On a slightly related note, I'm going to be set 3 essays over the next week .___. I've already been set an essay for Classics, waiting for my English lit essay plan back so I can start the essay tomorrow and I have to do an essay plan for Ancient history for Wednesday! In all honesty, I'm excited to find out how I fare at A level essays compared to GCSE :3 hopefully I'm good at it, I want to get decent grades so I can go to Uni :) I love college so much, so many awesome people and teachers :')
Anyway, off to help at Brownies in a bit with their PJ night...time to bring out the lounge trousers/jogging bottoms!!! They're so comfy! :D DFTBA people! :) x

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