Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The only reason why Halloween is awesome is because you get sweets :D and they bring out awesome sweets and food that changes colour or has a cool shape :D
Haribo have the most awesome lot called Horror mix, they look like bats and pumpkins and spiders and frogs and they're so awesome and yummy! :D (picture below ^^)
I had to go to the dentist today for some fillings crap :( it feels yucky and he's done too much on one tooth so it feels like something is stuck in my tooth D: damn you, dentist -.-
Even though I have 2 years before I have to go, I've been looking at potential Unis :) it's actually really interesting! I want to do either Ancient History and Archaeology or 'Ancient Worlds' which is only done at UCL or an equivalent at Durham....I have to get AAA for Durham or AAB for's gonna be difficult but so worth it ^.^
I'm actually really excited for Uni, it'll be such a good experience to be away from home and be completely independent :) plus I don't have to do crap like PSHE (or the equivalent of) which is AWESOME! :D

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