Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, I've been so busy :S I've had 3 essays that have amounted to 6174 words and 11 pages of solid writing :S hopefully they're good though ^.^
I've had some great lessons at college since I started but the last couple of classics lessons have been brilliant!! Today I got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean because it's apparently loosely based on the Odyssey :) yesterday my teacher also put on Eton style in the lesson then we made wordsearches :') A levels are great :D we do actually do work by the way, it's just awesome how the teachers do different things with us :3
If you haven't seen Eton style then I highly recommend it, it's been stuck in my head for 3 days straight but it's amazing, so funny too :3 YOUTUBE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD THE AWESOME EXPERIENCE OF SEEING IT YET :D
My headphones have decided to die on me so my brother has lent me some for college which is awesome (thanks Ben! ^.^) and my dad's letting me use his wireless headphones...THEY'RE EPIC! I press a little button on the side and it pauses/plays the song, and I can also have a phone call with them!! :D so so awesome :)
I have a slight obsession with The Summer Set, they're amazing :D I saw them live when they supported Mayday Parade 3 weeks ago (it's been so long since I went!!) LISTEN TO THEM :D
The pic is of me today, as you can tell, I'm at the height of fashion ;) but I love my hair scarf, it's so pretty!!! :3 I need to buy more because they're so awesome and useful! But yeah :3 that's me! :)
Anyway, I'm off to bed shortly as I've been having trouble sleeping recently so I'm shattered! :( DFTBA guys :3 x

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