Friday, 10 August 2012


So...I was meant to be getting my photo for my bus pass for my 6th form college next year today and it turns out the passport photo machine is gone where I would have got it done :( so I'm currently at Starbucks for the next half an hour waiting to be picked up...I'll have to admit, there are worse places to be stuck :P so I get to have one of my favourite drinks EVER - peppermint mocha :) even in the middle of summer when the sun is shining it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like it's Christmas!! My other favourite Starbucks drink is Gingerbread latte, you can tell I like the Christmassy drinks :P but annoyingly they only sell that one at Christmas so if I want that I have to go to manky Costa -.- but I've finished my coffee now so I'm very happy ^.^

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