Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sweeeeeets! :D

I got to see my boyfriend for the first time in over two weeks today!!!!! Im so happy right now :') we went to a town where they have an American sweet shop, so naturally, I bought tonnes of stuff!
There were pick n mix American style with awesome mini versions of some of my favourite American sweets! I got a tub filled to the brim with nerds, sweetarts, pixystixs, sour patch kids, jolly ranchers, candy corn, laffy taffy, everlasting gobstoppers and some things that resemble fizzers! I got a lot in my tub so I'm happy :D and everything is delicious! I will be making frequent trips to that shop I think! :3 I also got some grape fanta which is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE. and I got pez sweets!!! I haven't seen them for years! :3 I got a Perry the Platypus (from Phineas and Ferb - yes, i know, i'm a kid at heart ;D) dispenser, it's so awesome!!!!!!!! :D
I have a slight obsession with American sweets if you hadn't already guessed ;D so I'm pretty happy I've found somewhere pretty close that I can buy them relatively cheaply at!! :)
I also bought a pretty grey tshirt dress from Jack Wills today, it was £17 down from £44 so it's pretty awesome! It's going to be lovely for college in September!! :) so yeah, today has been pretty much perfect :') I'm so lucky to have my boy, I might not say it enough, but I do love him tbh :'3 he's pretty much all I look for in a guy and yeah :3 he makes me happy :) I'll stop gushing now x3

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