Thursday, 9 August 2012

My sweet addiction...

So, I came across these in Wilkinson's the other day...and they're AMAZING!
The little messages are also pretty cool as they can only be 3/4 letters long :D so you get things like 'Grr' or 'Ha'
Unfortunately, you also get stupid, derogatory words like 'fit' or 'hot' -.- ugh. I can't stand words like that, they're so horrible. Makes it seem like all anyone cares about is what people look like (baring in mind that you have to look a certain way to be accepted as 'fit' or 'hot'), and I find that disgusting! Can't people look how they want and feel happy without having anyone make snide comments any more?! -.- sorry, I'm ranting on a post about sweets!!! But yes, what I wanted to say was that they're amazing and they taste amazing and they're just wow and you should all go out and buy them now because once you've had them you can't live without :D

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