Sunday, 26 August 2012

RIP Computer :'(

So, today my computer has decided that it's going to pretty much completely pack it in after over 6 years of constant use :( I'm actually really upset about it :/
I know what you're thinking; so what? It's a computer! You can just buy a new one!
Well, this one is special to me as I got it as a present/bribe from my parents when I first turned diabetic. They said I could have my own computer if I did my injections all by myself. Bearing in mind that I was 10 and had a severe phobia of needles, plus the fact that I had just been in hospital for 3 days being poked and prodded by needles quite frequently, this was a pretty big accomplishment to achieve for me. But the point is that it's not necessarily the computer that I'm upset about, it's what it represents, it's like a bit of my childhood is going along with it if we throw it away. I just want to keep it as a reminder and as a piece of my history. I don't particularly care if it works or not, I just don't want to throw it away so it's gone :(

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