Tuesday, 28 August 2012

College in a week! :S

I had my 6th form college enrolment today! I start 6th form college in a week! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time!
I'm the only person going there from my old school as most people are staying on at their 6th form but the courses weren't right for me there :) the place I am going now is huge though! It has 2000 students over the 2 years which is amazingly huge compared to my secondary which had 1000 over 5 years! :S
The tutor is really nice though, I met her at some of the information evenings and she's crazy which is always good for me ;D it's a lovely college but I'm so scared about not being with my friends :( hopefully I'll make new ones and keep the old ones at the same time! :) but yeah, it's gonna be a big change, but you'll never get anywhere if you always stay in your comfort zone, you have to push the boat out from time to time, and this is me pushing the boat out just a little bit more :) hopefully it'll be the right decision and it'll lead me down a good path for my future :)

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