Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blah de blah de blah

Y'know you get it where you're tired but you can't get to sleep? Yeah, having that now :( but I keep playing cut the rope which is distracting me! It's so addictive!! Gah! Silly iPhone games being awesome but annoying at the same time >.<
In other news, I got my stationary for college/6th form makes it feel so close! I'm so nervous for next year :S I don't want to start A levels and leave all of my friends behind at my old school but I have to if I want to do ancient history and classic civilisations >.< I'm also worrying/stressing out about not being able to finish all of the prep work they've set me for each subject in time :/ GAH! I hate pressure! :( and it's results day on Thursday, I'm so sure I've failed at least one subject :( Simon comes back from holiday on Tuesday though which is good :) I can't wait to talk to him again! :3 but yeah, I'm trying to stay happy and smiley like usual! :)

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