Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was originally nominated a couple of weeks ago by my real life awesome friend Kate and I found that I've also been nominated by the amazing Amy today so I figured that I should actually do this! I'm honestly so grateful to these girls as they both have great blogs and it's lovely to think that I do too! You should definitely check out both of their blogs, they're great!

The Rules:
1. Once you've been nominated, you must display the Versatile Blogger Award somewhere on your blog.
2. Make sure to thank your nominator and leave a link to their blog.
3. Write 7 facts about you so new readers and old followers get to learn a bit more about you as a person and not just 'the blogger'.
4. Nominate your favourite bloggers for the award too!

7 facts about me

I'm in my final year of sixth form studying Ancient History, Classical Civilisation and English Literature.

I want to study Archaeology and Ancient History at Uni and am applying this year, I'm hoping to go to Cardiff because it's such a lovely Uni and the course is fantastic!

Reading is my favourite hobby and even though I don't have much time on my hands, I always carry a book around with me incase I get a spare 10 minutes or have to wait for a train!

I have a very mixed music taste and most of my favourites are pretty unheard of. Orla Gartland, Hudson Taylor, Lauren Aquilina, Lewis Watson, Lisa Hannigan, Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson anyone? Passenger, Gabrielle Aplin and Paolo Nutini are other favourites of mine. I also like bands such as Madness, Johnny Get The Gun and The Wombats.

I have never dyed my hair and I don't want to. I have copper tones running through my hair already and I love the way it shines in the light! People always used to say I'd look good with black hair though...I disagree.

I have an unhealthy addiction to nail polish and lipstick. I own 22 of each and I love them all, I haven't worn all of the colours of nail polish yet though. My next product I'm looking at is a MAC lipstick though, I really want to say I own one!

I said this a couple of weeks ago but Autumn is my favourite season, October is probably my favourite month too. I just love the changing colour of the leaves, the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and that you get to wear cuddly scarves, jumpers and boots, my favourite pieces of clothing!

Writing this has been really fun and I hope you guys have learnt something new about me! It's hard to choose because there are so many amazing blogs out there, but I'm going to choose these bloggers as they're lovely and have a great writing style!:







I hope you check these girls out, they're all great!
Jess xx


  1. Finally someone else who has heard of Regina Spektor! I absolutely love her and it's a crime that more people don't know her music! :) Thanks for saying lovely things about me and my blog! Enjoyed reading this, nice learning more about you :)

    Amy xxx

    1. YAY!! I adore her, but you have to check out Ingrid Michaelson too, they're quite similar and Ingrid is just as amazing! I know though, she is so underrated, she should be known so much more!
      You too! Thank you, it's fun to tell people other things that don't involve school or beauty as much! xxx

  2. Ohhh i know regina spektor from 500 days of summer ;) obviously haha
    and there's a saying: once you go MAC you never go back. True story!

    Thank you so much for the nomination! this gives me great motivation to go on blogging ^^ I will definitely check out all the other blogs <3


    1. I've never seen the film but Regina is incredible! :)
      I hope for my purse's sake that isn't true but it wouldn't surprise me!
      You're welcome - I'm glad because I love your blog!
      You should, they're all great! :) xx