Sunday, 20 October 2013

Essay motivation trip!

I actually love going to places by myself. You can go where you want, spend as long or as little time as you want in each place and go home when you feel like it.
Yesterday I went to Guildford for a mini shopping trip to get some sweets for motivation to write my English essay that I planned yesterday morning and Friday. Even though it's fun, I really shouldn't be allowed in the American sweet shop by myself.

Best sweets ever!
As it's nearing Halloween, I couldn't resist having a look at what goodies they had, and I wasn't disappointed. They had Candy Corn (one of my all time favourites) and some things called Mellocremes which are made by the same company and taste quite similar but are different Halloween shapes like pumpkins and cats! No one else in my family likes them which means they're all for me! 
I also had to get some of my usuals and I've found out that Jolly Rancher do a Passion mix with all flavours I like which makes me happy. There's even a Peach flavour which is the best thing ever! Berries Sour Patch Kids are also amazing - the flavours are the best; I'm a berry and citrus girl so these packets are the best things! I also really don't like Watermelon so I successfully avoided it in both packets!
These should last me a good long while as I don't want to open them all at once or waste them by eating tonnes at a time!
If you've never tried these, find somewhere that does them and BUY THEM. I know I have an unhealthy addiction, especially for a Diabetic, but I love them so so much.
Jess xx


  1. You're such an addict Jess! You need someone there with you to restrain you ;) xxxx

    1. Omg I knowww D: I was going to ask you to come with but it was such a last minute decision to go! xD xxxx