Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Picking my pieces off the ground

After a bit of a rocky start to the year, I'm finally feeling comfortable with all of my subjects at college. 
Everything makes sense and I'm enjoying all of the lessons and participating on a level I've never done in my entire time in education. 
And I'm so happy about it.
I'm actually excited to work and go into college every day and I feel so optimistic about this year and my inevitable exams. It's inspiring me to work even harder this year so it all pays off come August when I find out results and if I get a Uni place. 
Today is the first of October. This month I'm going to make sure I do extra work/reading to help me understand and consolidate the work I've done in the lessons. I've already bought note cards and started my Classics notes this morning which is a great start!
My teachers are also really supportive so if I have any problems I can just talk to them and explain what I'm struggling with. 
Learning is actually one of my favourite things - you can never have too much knowledge and it's fun getting to learn new things. It's like unlocking a whole new piece of the world and I can't wait to unlock more.
Jess xx