Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fears and communication.

I had a blood test done this morning...it didn't go well. I'm diabetic but I have a massive fear of needles. Ironic, I know. I get quite stressed out about having my blood taken but today my blood sugar went too low half way through and it ended up that I was shaking so much that the nurse had to stop half way through doing it because she physically couldn't get any more blood out...fun. I almost fainted and felt really sick so in the end she let me go with only half of it done. 
It stressed me out loads and I've not been feeling right the whole day. I feel so drained and tired and also quite sick so I've been curled up in my favourite comfy lounge trousers since I returned from college, looking for more blogs to follow. I've found some really gorgeous blogs and some really lovely people who have kindly followed me back and commented on posts which had cheered me up a lot.
I love finding new blogs and new people to talk to, you never know who you will meet with just a few lines on a post of theirs and a click of the 'publish' button! Talking to new people is one of my favourite things to do because 99% of the time, bloggers are the loveliest people you will meet and real life people are pretty nice most of the time too as long as you make the effort. 
I always make sure I talk to people that comment on my posts because I don't want to give the impression of being distant! The amount of bloggers that I see ignoring their commenters and followers confuse me, I don't understand why people wouldn't want to reply to someone that obviously decided to bridge the distance and attempt to communicate with them! Every time I've spoken to a blogger, it's always been great and I actually now have a great real-life friend from blogging so it works out well quite a lot of the time! 
Jess xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon Jess! And I so agree with chatting to people who've reached out to you, why would you not?? xxxx

    1. Thank you Kate! I'm feeling quite a bit better now luckily :) exactly! I just don't get it! Xxxx

  2. Oh no I hope you feel better now! I love meeting new people from blogging too! xxx

  3. I do, thank you :) it's great! :D thanks for the follow as well :) xxx