Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Wrong Direction.

All of my posts seem to be about my make up buys over the last month and I assume they're getting pretty boring! To be honest though, my life isn't particularly exciting either...
I'm very close to finishing my personal statement and I honestly don't understand how people are finding it so hard to write about why they want to do the subject; surely if you love it enough to want to do it at Uni then you should be able to write about it? I found it hard to start but once I got going, I managed to write the rest in under an hour and a half. When I gave it to my tutor, she gave me really good feedback and helped me structure and word it better for my next draft. It was quite a bit over the character limit but I'm so pleased with it! She also managed to find a way to fit my blog into my personal statement and make it sound like it's relevant for my course!
UCAS is a nightmare though. It takes so much effort to write in each grade you got for each module of each subject done since GCSE so trying to find the right course then the right version of the subject is nearly impossible. Luckily I'm almost finished which is great!

A few things that have been going through my head recently:
1. I need to work and revise more.
2. I'm so excited for Uni, but which to choose?
3. Cardiff do Journalism, English Lit, Creative Writing and Fashion and Beauty societies? Awesome. When can I start?
4. I miss London.
5. This song.
6. I need a job but too much college work.
7. I can't wait for Christmas.
8. I get distracted way too easily.
9. Also, this song!
10. I wish more people would find my blog, I love getting my voice out!
11. I wonder what doing YouTube videos would be like?
12. I want all of the Uni stuff out of the way so I can make my final two choices!
13. This year is going crazily fast, how is it almost Christmas already?! I'm so excited for next year though.
14. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the best on Strictly Come Dancing, I don't care what anyone else says!
15. X Factor gets worse every year, why do we still watch it?!

 Hope you enjoyed this insight into my mind! And just to see how much of a workaholic I am as every other thought is related to work or Uni...
Jess xx


  1. Hey Jess! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, the details are just here: xxxx

    1. thank you!! shall have a look at it in a bit! :) xxxx

  2. I personally like reading random posts, your life might seem boring to you but there's a whole lot of different people out there who are curious to see how you would face certain situations (such as moving, univ, working, etc). I need some motivation to start doing it myself but i still dont know where my blog should go. *hi5 lost girls!* yayyy ;)

    1. Thank you so much! :) I enjoy writing about anything in my life, just write when you get inspiration! There isn't anything forcing you to blog a certain amount, blog when you feel like blogging! :)
      Jess xx

  3. I love your blog, I like that it's not all just make up reviews etc and more personal! :) I'm loving Passengers Wrong Direction too, it's so catchy! Good luck with the rest of your UCAS application xxx

    1. Awh, thank you so much!! I love yours too :) gah, it's been in my head for days and I'm loving it! Thank you, hopefully it goes okay! Xxx