Tuesday, 11 December 2012


This is currently my favourite quote ever. It's so true! It's my phone background at the moment.
Reading is such an amazing thing and I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to read. It's such a fantastic experience that broadens your imagination and lets you discover worlds that you could only dream of! It gives you the opportunity to meet new characters, get to know them and their stories; and the best part of all is that no matter how long you take to read the book, and no matter how many times you put it down and pick it up again, you'll always be sucked right back in to old adventures with old friends and they'll be as fresh in your memory as if you read them yesterday!
There are so many genres of books that there will be a book for just about anyone! You're bound to find one you fall in love with if you search enough.
Also, the smell of old and new books are amazing, you have to smell it to understand!
I always find myself visiting bookshops when I go out, they're always cosy and warm and have such a peaceful atmosphere that you want to just sit in a corner and read for hours. (I have actually just sat on the floor in Waterstone's before and read for about half an hour, it's great fun!) I can mostly tell if I'm going to like a book or not from the first chapter or so, so before I buy it, I always read a bit first! The problem then is that even if I don't think I like it, I still want to know what happens next! It shows that a book is good when it actually makes an impact on you!
Just thinking though, my favourite thing to do is actually curling up with a hot chocolate and a book! So peaceful and nice to get away in your own little world and forget the real world for a while, it's amazing.
Anyway, if you don't read, just pick up a book and read the first few pages! If you don't enjoy it or aren't at least intrigued as to what happens next then try another until you find one that gives you questions that you want to answer! Then read the book! You might surprise yourself!
Jess xx

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