Saturday, 22 December 2012

End of the world!

Well, we all survived yesterday, what a surprise! ;)
I did however, manage to half kill myself, how ironic! Me and some friends went to the pub after college ended and played cards (great fun! I'm now a master at spoons, assassin and cheat ;P), we then decided to go to the park :) I went on the zip wire...I started by running off the platform, then my friend pushed me so I was going pretty fast...then all hell breaks loose. I hit the end bit and the whole seat bit swung up...I then hit my head on the wooden support beams...I felt so dizzy but I kept hold luckily. I got off and almost fell over, but luckily my friend was there to catch me and put me on the floor. And then blood.
We went through 2 whole packets of tissues trying to stop the blood coming out of my head...but my friends called an ambulance and then the paramedics came and said that I only had a couple of cuts/grazes on my head so nothing really serious, he still took me to the hospital in town though. There, they cleaned me up so I didn't look like I was part of the apocalypse and said I only had grazes so I didn't need to have anything stuck back together! But they did say I'm not allowed to do anything for the next few days and that I'm allowed to sleep lots :3 always a plus side to getting injured!
I now have massive bumps on my head and a bit of a headache but nothing major luckily :) I'm feeling a lot better than I was yesterday but the littlest things are tiring me out :(
Hopefully I get better quickly though! On the plus side though, everyone is being really supportive and making sure that I'm okay which is really nice :)
Christmas holidays have officially started now though which is really exciting, ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! :D
Jess xx

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