Sunday, 9 December 2012

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way...

First off, sorry about the capital in just looks weird all lower case...jingle...IT'S NOT RIGHT!
We've put the Christmas trees up! Yes, we have two. They are awesome :D

Tree 1
This is the original awesome tree we have and it goes in our living room! Usually we have it down by the dining table but this year mum decided to shake it up and BAM! It's now by the sofa and it looks awesome! :D we also have an awesome star...with a hedgehog sitting on it! It's so adorable!


Tree 2
We got this tree last year AND IT'S SHINY! It lives by the front door and I'm surprised that it hasn't been hit with the door and broken yet! It's so pretty though, all of the ornaments are glass so they look all shiny and pretty and I loove it!

Tree 2! IT'S SO SHINY!

By the way, sorry if the post is a bit messy/weird/everything is underlined. The blog poster has decided to go skits again and it's being all weird so I can't sort out the problems at the moment >:[ 
Jess xx

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