Thursday, 27 December 2012

Internet teenager initiation: complete!

I stayed in bed with my laptop for the entire day yesterday! I'm officially a teenager of the internet! I'm planning on doing the same today! Apart from this time I'm in my lounge clothes instead of pajamas...
Granted, I have been working on my extended project almost solidly since yesterday morning so I think a bit of comfort and laziness is allowed! I'm determined to finish the background research today, it's driving me insane! It's 15 pages long and I haven't finished yet! It's mental!!!
I have so much work to do over the next week and a half or so...I have to read 2 and a half books, revise a whole term of biology, do a 500 word piece for my English coursework and finish this off...all by 7th January!
In advance, if I don't blog much between now and then, it's because work is taking over my life completely. But I'll make up for it next year hopefully!!
Jess xx

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