Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm 18!

I'm really sorry for not blogging much recently, the last four days have been filled with my birthday celebrations so all of my free time has been taken up by homework to make sure I could do all of the awesome things over the last few days!

On Wednesday, me and my college friends went to Pizza Express for a birthday meal as everyone gets Wednesday afternoons off college. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to do something with them that didn't include school! We had a really nice meal and I even got a mini chocolate cake with a candle on! I got my presents early from them as I don't see most of them around college apart from my friends who are in my lessons. 

Lots of chocolate!
Beautiful purse with a mirror in the back, a pen,
desk organiser and animal rubbers!
I now have enough chocolate to last me until Halloween, let alone Easter! I love the little French purse so much because it's just so me! French themed and with stripes?! Yes please. I also love the pen and organiser, definitely helps for Uni in September! I really don't want to use the rubbers though, they're way too cute!

My birthday was on the Thursday and it was an amazing day! I woke up and had to get done quicker so I could open my presents - I GOT A CAR!!! It's also insured with Compare the Market so I got a meerkat toy with it which now sits in my car! I got baby Oleg and  he comes with the most adorable grub! My parents said I would get my car at the weekend but I came home from college and it was sitting on the driveway! My car is a red VW Up and I've decided to call him Perry! I've been out in him quite a bit considering I only got him on Thursday and I love him - he's really great to drive and has a lot of room considering he is actually only a 3 door car!

I love my car so much! And the bow on top!
Oleg, his grub and his bed!
I got money from quite a few family members but my grandma got me a couple of really pretty bracelets that I can't wait to wear. My auntie and uncle got me a gorgeous silver trowel necklace which came in a brilliant little box that is so clever as it looks like a special (small) finds box! It's possibly one of the prettiest and well thought out pieces of jewellery I've ever been given!

The bottom bracelet was given to me by a friend on Wednesday.
I'm in love.
My mum's friend also made me 24 minion cupcakes which are chocolate and taste amazing! After we got back from our meal out, I also got given a minion lemon birthday cake which looks and tastes just as good!

These are the cutest little cakes ever!
I can't believe how talented my mum's friend is!
On Saturday, I had some old friends over for a movie day as I didn't want to involve alcohol and we couldn't afford a big party. It was a lot of fun and we ended up watching Pacific Rim, Despicable Me 2 and part of Monty Python's Life Of Brian. I love catching up with my old friends as I don't see them much any more due to work which is sad, but we act like we only saw each other yesterday when we do see each other again!

The Fault in Our Stars poster, it's so gorgeous!
From Julia.
Loki sticker also from Julia!
Weeping Angel and TARDIS biscuits also from Julia!
Julia is basically the girl who gets me tonnes of fan stuff and it's always the best! I love it all so much!

Bourjois little round pot intense eyeshadow in 08, Maybelline jade high heel mascara in brown,
Maybelline illegal length mascara in black, Dainty Doll eyeshadow in 002 Treat Her Like A Lady,
Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in 380 Sweet Bordeaux,
Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in 720 Drive Me Nuts.
From Lisa.

Left to right: Sweet Bordeaux, Drive Me Nuts, Bourjois eyeshadow in 08,
Dainty Doll eyeshadow in 002 Treat Her Like A Lady.
I'll probably review all of these at some point but so far I'm loving them!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass by Lewis Carroll and
The Collected novels of The Bronte Sisters. Also got a really cute badge that says 'I read therefore I am'.
From Krissi.

Box of really cute goodies from Katie!
For when you're out and about and have the moments of inspiration for a blog post,
new outfit whatever it is, you can put it in this!
To get the creative juices flowing I guess you could say, or maybe just because
This is a memory jar.  Any good memories from the day, write them down on the block then fold up
and put in the jar. Only at New Years eve can you look through all your memories from the year.
It's a good way to remember all the positive stuff and that maybe the smallest of things can be the best!

My old friends have obviously known me longer than most people outside of my family and their presents are all so thoughtful and basically cover every part of my life that I consider important and fun outside of people I know! I really love them and can't wait to use them all!

Kate also sent me a present which was super sweet of her - it's a scarf and mirror! I love them both - the green of the scarf is actually one of my favourite colours so I'm so happy! Thank you Kate!

Overall, it's been an amazing birthday and thank you to everyone who has been involved to make it a really special 18th! I'm so so lucky and it's probably been the best birthday yet! 
Jess xx


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you were very spoilt. Although now you need to change your blog 'About me'!

    1. Thank you! I'm very lucky and I know I'll use everything, 18's special so my family went all out, I'm super grateful!
      I know! I always forget to change it every year! x

  2. Happy birthday, so jealous of that car! And oh my god those minion cakes are awesome. Sounds like you had a great time, 18th is definitely the best birthday!


    1. Thank you! It's an absolute dream to drive! They were so yummy, very popular with everyone! I did! :) xx

  3. You got so many great things! Happy Birthday!

    Love your car, so jealous :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Thank you! I'm very lucky :) I just want to drive everywhere now, so much fun! x

  4. Perry, woweeee! I'm super sorry again that I couldn't come on Saturday but I'm glad you like the scarf and mirror! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award (again?) so find it all here xxxx

    1. It's okay! They were so pretty! :) aha, thank you! :P xxxx

  5. Wow, you got loads of lovely presents! Congrats on turning 18, it all goes down hill from here! haha, I'm joking! xx

    1. Yeah, I'm so lucky and grateful! :) thank you! Haha, it doesn't surprise me ;) shall be fun though! xx

  6. Happy belated birthday! I'm beyond late, but I had to comment because I love this post! The Despicable Me cakes look amazing! And, congrats on the new car. Great photos (: