Sunday, 2 March 2014

Instagram snapshots #4

I've been spending the last two weeks mostly at college doing lots of work so I can spend more time at home relaxing! It's working so well and I'm getting to sleep more too which is obviously a lot better than only getting 5 hours per night like I have been previously.

Amazing book.
If I could have an unlimited supply of these, my life would be perfect.
Excited to review all of my new pieces!
The best combination.
A perfect day out in London finished with the perfect macaroons.
My new favourite nail polish - Essie Chinchilly.
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Jess xx


  1. Oooh those macaroons look so good! xx

    1. They were amazing! Strawberry marshmallow, orange blossom, rose, apple and lemon!

  2. ooooh i've never had those candy corn thingies. and i'm waiting to visit paris to try those macarons *.* i bet they're so niceeeee

    1. They're amazing and made of honey so they're really sweet and not completely artificial (or that's what I keep telling myself!)! They are! You'll love them - Laduree are my favourites but I bet you'll find some that are even nicer in Paris! x