Friday, 15 November 2013

The University Chronicles: My First Offer!

After returning from college today, I had my second driving lesson of this week. It went amazingly well and it feels like driving is starting to click into place, my teacher said it was my best drive yet! At the end when we were going to organise my next lessons, I saw that I had a few emails. I had a quick look and there it was, an email from UCAS track. I didn't know what it was, from which uni, if it was a rejection or offer but I still shrieked a little and had to check. My hands were shaking as I logged in and I was so excited when I saw that I had received an offer to study at Cardiff next year for BBB!!! I probably terrified my driving instructor as I proceeded to laugh, shriek and jump about in my seat for the next few minutes because I was so happy. My first offer is also my first choice! 
I've been smiling ever since I found out and I'm really happy that at least one of my Uni choices like me enough to give me a place next year if I get the grades! 
I don't mind what happens with my other choices now as I have my first choice and an interview next month which I'm feeling more confident about now! If I get any more offers then I will be incredibly pleased but I won't be overly disappointed if I get rejected from some of the others. As long as I have another offer for my second choice then I am completely happy with myself as I will know I'm good enough for two of my chosen Universities!
I just have to work incredibly hard to get my Bs now!
Jess xx


  1. Ahh I haven't started driving yet, I'm a bit scared!!

    1. Once you get used to the gears and clutch control, it gets a lot easier! Don't be scared, it's actually a lot of fun when you start! :) x