Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I signed up to Goodreads the other day and it's so addictive it's unreal. It's a website dedicated purely to books which lets you rate books and read other people's reviews. You sort the books in to different 'shelves', including 'Read', 'Currently Reading' and 'Want To Read'. You can also add other bookshelves so you can have different sections instead! The 'Currently Reading' section is really handy because you can add the page number you are at which then gives you a progress bar. Once you've read a book, you can give each book a star rating and you can also see the average rating from anyone else and and written reviews on the books. I've also been using it as a way to research books that I've been interested in, the reviews are pretty helpful! There are little explanations of the books which are usually different from the blurb, giving you a little more of the plot!
If you like reading, I recommend it to you because it's a lot of fun and useful too!
Jess xx

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