Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bloggers rant.

I was looking through people who share the same interests as me today in hope of finding some new blogs to follow but instead, I end up looking through at least 20 different blogs by different people that had maybe one or two posts on it from 2009/2010!
Each of the posts said something along the lines of 'I'm excited to start blogging, I have so many great ideas!' and then nothing! I don't understand how someone with enthusiasm for writing a blog can just forget about it and leave it unattended for three or four years without even thinking about it once! I know I feel guilty any time I leave my blog for a large amount of time (more like 2 days!) so I don't really understand how they can abandon it. Some of them had pretty interesting names as well which is disappointing! I suppose if like me they do quite hard subjects and they have to work a lot for them, then don't have much time for anything else so the blog is forgotten eventually. It's still a shame to see how many times this happens, especially as I wasn't looking through any type of blog, just people with the same sort of interests so it doesn't seem to be an uncommon thing found in only one type of blog! 

On that note, I'm going to share some links of my favourite regular bloggers! 
  • The College Prepster - Based in US, guaranteed at least one post a day and they're always really interesting, Carly gives regular suggestions for music, clothes, stationary etc! This blog is one of the first things I read in the morning to get me awake because I know it will always be there. (thank you time differences!) She also does an email every Sunday which is an extra little thing that I just love to read come Monday morning!
  • MissBudgetBeauty - Based in UK, guaranteed at least one post a day, but get two or three most days! Mikhila gives really good suggestions and reviews for beauty products widely available in drugstores (Boots and Superdrug) and online! I've bought a few products based off her recommendations and I haven't been disappointed yet! 
  • Kerralina - Based in UK, Kerry isn't as frequent with posts as she used to be, but when she does post they're always amazing and make you envy her life! I usually get some good laughs out of reading her funny little life stories and sometimes she has good advice and suggestions for products to try! 
  • Someone Like You - Based in US, there is nearly always a daily post. Lauren has pictures of her outfit each day at the top of the post and she has some really nice outfits that are pretty simple to imitate if you have staple items! She is an avid thrifter and sometimes gives really good tips for shopping and for going to Uni which is helpful at my age! 
  • Sophee - Based in UK, there are posts maybe once a month but when she posts it's always something interesting, be that a product or a day out she had! 
  • Classy Girls Wear Pearls - Based in US, also a non-regular blogger but Sarah's posts are always filled with her and her friend's outfits and days that look so perfect and are really fun to look through every now and again. I'm majorly jealous of her and her boyfriend's lifestyle! 
  • Smilingismyfavourite - Based in UK, Kate posts quite regularly and is really lovely! She does posts about her life, products she's used and little reviews about various things! We also started our blogs at roughly the same time and she's now a real life friend (if you regularly read you will know this!) so it would be nice to give her some extra views!
Hope you guys enjoy my little rant and suggestion for blogs to look out for, I really love all of them! 
Jess xx