Monday, 5 August 2013


I've spent the last week camping and working on an archaeological dig near to me called Silchester, just outside of Reading. The dig is run by Reading Uni and I've been volunteering there for the last 3 years. Reading uni is one of my choices for uni so helping out at their dig is really useful to see what a whole other aspect of their archaeology degree is like! I also got to spend half a day at the university for some lectures and the buildings and teachers were really lovely! I also met some really great people and saw some others that I haven't seen for a long time which was really great! The one thing that isn't so good about the dig is the camping. I woke up every day without fail at 4.30 or 5 really isn't good when you have to be up at 8 and working in a hot trench all day by 9!
Before last week, I made some scheduled posts to go up throughout the week so I didn't have a bit gap between posts! I've never used them before so I was quite happy that they went up when I wanted them to!
I have quite a lot happening this week so I shall keep you updated!
Jess xx

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