Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks in Damson in Distress 240 review

I passed my driving theory test yesterday so to celebrate, I met up with a friend in Reading! To treat and congratulate myself, I bought a colour crush lipstick from The Body Shop as I'd heard a lot of good things about them on various websites and in magazines. 
The colour I chose was Damson in Distress which is a gorgeous purple/berry colour. I've never bought a purple lipstick before but this one suits me really well I think so I'm really happy that I chose it! I've been looking for a darker lipstick that isn't red for a while and this one fits the bill perfectly!

The packaging is really simple but pretty and the lids co-ordinate with the colour group they belong to (pinks, reds or browns) which I think it quite a cool way of separating and identifying colours!

The colour is actually darker than this and more purple but my bathroom lights are really bright and always seem to take away some of the colour of my swatches which is annoying! The lipstick is really soft and moisturising and lasts for ages, over 3 hours when I tested it! I love the colour and despite it being quite bright and different, it seems to go with everything which could make it a daring every day colour! I can't wait to wear it out properly (not just testing it) and see how it really does though, so far I'm loving it and it will become one of my favourites I think!

The name isn't actually on the lipstick, only on the website, but the number is displayed by the lips at the top! 
This was £10 and can also be found on The Body Shop website. The swatches they show there are actually quite accurate compared to most websites (looking at you, Boots...) so it's quite easy to choose colours, but just for safety's sake, it's still worth checking them out in store to make sure the colour suits you as £10 is quite a lot for just a lipstick. 
I also love these as they're cruelty free, and with such great quality, I will most likely be buying another of these eventually - there are 23 more colours to choose from!
Jess xx


  1. Congratulations on passing your theory test. That is a gorgeous colour, I'd love to see how you incorporate it into a look :) x

    1. Thank you! I'm tempted to start doing outfit posts in the New Year! I'll have to see how it goes and if I can get anyone to help me with pictures! x

  2. I don't know how you take such amazing pics of your lips! Looks good on you =)

    1. I use a mirror and take photos using the camera on my phone, then crop the rest of my face out! It usually takes three or four tries to get a fully focused and properly positioned photo though, I usually choose once I've taken a few! :) Thank you! :) x