Sunday, 16 June 2013

General crap

Ever since exams, I've been failing at blogging so much! I really need to get back into it again!
This last week has been pretty good! I saw The Great Gatsby last Thursday and even though I didn't like the book much, the film ended up being really good! It was really weird seeing Spiderman not swinging about the buildings of New York but working there instead!
I went to Exeter Uni open day on Tuesday which was really nice. I've fallen in love with it; it's the same feeling I got when looking around the college I'm at so I know it'll be good, plus the course is completely perfect and it all seems so friendly! The accommodation is lovely and the rooms are pretty big compared to what I thought they would be! Exeter itself is so pretty and green and very hilly which will keep me fit! The shops are pretty good and have everything I could want or need, including a Waterstones and Starbucks (I'm not going to get through my exams without it!) so I'm sorted! It also has the usual shops for clothes and food so I'll be fine! The brass band they had playing at the open day day also made it even more awesome because they played so many film theme tunes including How to Train your Dragon, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean! Definitely sealed Exeter as one of my favourite choices! I have a few more Unis to look at over the next two weeks so that will be fun! I can't wait to see what the others are like!
I went to Bristol museum yesterday too to learn about the Pharaohs of Egypt and it was amazing! I learnt so much and I also got to look around the museum, including the stores in the basement which were incredible! It's so amazing being able to see things that not everyone who visits the museum will see! It's a shame because it was all incredible and really interesting!
After the museum, I spotted a Forbidden Planet which is such a cool shop full of nerdy things - it was the best thing ever! It had loads of nerdy shirts from tv, films and games which was awesome, and there were figures and things like bags, key rings, mugs and loads of other awesome things! Shame I couldn't afford any of it though!
I'll hopefully do some more updates later on as more things happen so talk later!
Jess xx

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