Thursday, 6 June 2013

EXAMS ARE FINISHED!...for this year!

It's all over until next year! I'm so happy that I get to just stay calm and relax now, I'm not going to be stressing out and panicking every other day! (This weekend was NOT fun having to revise biology...but more of that below!) I'm feeling guilty for not revising and working so I'm doing the second best thing; writing this post that is well overdue!
I can't believe that my first year of A levels (and college) is over! It feels like I just started yesterday! It's actually been a good year and I'm really happy that I moved because my lessons and teachers have been great! I've already started some of my subjects' A2 courses and it's so interesting but there are so many books that I need just over the courses, let alone the books I've been told to get as extra reading! I have 8 books to get, and that's not even for the whole of next year! I'm so excited, but also sad that I won't get time over the Summer to read any books just for fun as I have to read the Iliad and Herodotus - The Histories (I'm going to imagine it's called Hogwarts - A History from now will make it oh so entertaining) before September!
All of my exams were over before half term apart from biology so after my weekend free where I spend time with my friend (I haven't seen him for about a year and a half so that was really nice!), I ended up with 5 days of solid revision. Up until then, the revision, although it had been hard, was nothing compared to this! With the added problem of not really knowing much of the syllabus because it's all pretty confusing and detailed, I started to panic which meant that I couldn't concentrate at all, just adding fuel to an already growing fire. NOT a good thing to happen 2 days before the hardest and last exam of this year. But it ended up being okay and I got through the exam without thinking I failed too badly so hopefully it all pays off!
I've been spending a lot of my time looking at Universities in the lead up to all the open days that are coming this month and I'm getting so excited! I'm going to Exeter next Tuesday which is going to be awesome, it's such a pretty place and the course looks amazing! With the archaeology side of my degree, I might have the opportunity to go on a placement in South Dakota, excavating a Plains Indian village! It makes me so excited because I learnt about them at GCSE and I find it all so fascinating to see how America developed so it will be so amazing if I actually get to go! It's actually one of the main reasons why Exeter is my first choice now! (It was a toss up between Exeter and UCL but Exeter wins out from prettiness and awesome opportunities!) It'll be fun having a look around the place with mum and finding out more about the uni, there is only so much a prospectus and website can tell you, actually going there is a whole other story because then you can see how the words and pictures on the page fit together to make this place that so many people seem to fall in love with and want to spend 3 very important years studying at! It's quite a scary thought that in a year my A2 exams will just be starting and I will be heading off to one of these places; be it Exeter or somewhere else. Either way it's going to be a lot of fun and so much more different to what I'm used to which will be great!
Jess xx

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