Tuesday, 24 June 2014

London Adventures!

I went to London with the family on Saturday as a celebration of the end of exams! As always, we went to Covent Garden which I love to bits - it's easily my favourite part of the city as it's so pretty and lovely! 
We went to lunch at this amazing Steakhouse called Hawksmoor - I had the most gorgeous steak and I also tried lobster which was so good, it was a really lovely meal to celebrate.
I ended up buying some Laduree macarons too as per usual - there were a couple of new flavours to try (peach and red fruits) and I'm excited about seeing what they're like! 
I saved up all of my money to spend as a bit of retail therapy to treat myself after exams but there wasn't anything that really caught my eye so I ended up only spending out for the macarons which was a bit of a shame! However, me and mum ended up going into Chanel and picking out a lipstick for me as an end of exam present. It's such a pretty colour and I'll definitely be doing a separate post on that soon! 
Jess xx
P.S. I'm going to be posting more after tomorrow as I have prom then, but nothing planned for afterwards until August! 
P.P.S. We also bought some cakes from Laduree, I had the most delicious Rose and Raspberry Saint-Honore, it was so pretty!

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  1. omg there is a ladurée in london too?! i've been to one in paris and *pause, closing eyes, moving hands in the air* it was amazing.
    lucky me i'm visiting london in august <3