Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mickey and Minnie

I did my classics timed exam practice homework today and afterwards when my hand was hurting, I decided to paint my nails because it gave my hands a rest!
I realised I had red and black so I decided to do Disney style nails and put the Mickey Mouse symbol on some of my nails! For the first time doing a design on my nails for a looooong time, I think they turned out pretty damn good!

I'm pretty proud of these!
Taken on Instagram

Next time I have a decent amount of money, I think I'm going to take a trip to boots and buy some White, Yellow, Grey and probably some more Black nail polish. (my black is enamel and its quite gloopy, not very good for anything apart from dots...shame because it's a good nail polish!)
If I get these colours I'm going to do this design again (It'll be ruined in the next few days because I'm rubbish at making nail polish stay on...) and on the currently plain nails, I'm going to do a yellow bow in the middle and then little white spots on them! Mickey and Minnie nails! I love painting my nails but I haven't really done I only have bobby pins and cocktail sticks so I can't do any amazing designs...I can improve with practice though!

It's my brother's birthday tomorrow so that will be fun! We're going out for a meal so I'm excited!
Jess xx

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