Friday, 1 March 2013


Just now, I saw one of those generic Facebook statuses, asking for an argument to happen. Within the last 5 minutes, there have already been 15+ comments, including a lot from people not involved in the argument. What I don't understand is why; if people have a problem with someone, why not inbox them or talk face to face so it's at least private instead of being displayed for all to see? Also, why do others feel the need to join in on arguments that have nothing to do with them? It's vaguely acceptable if they're your best friend and you're sticking up for them, but if you aren't particularly good friends with one of the people and are just joining in just to insult someone you don't like, what good does it do really?
I'll admit, I used to get in Facebook fights with people quite a bit about 2 years ago, but I luckily left behind the people and consequently the drama caused by this, and now I'm always happy and rarely argue with any of my friends! I definitely don't do it over a Facebook status. It's petty and pathetic that the person posting the status feels the need to post it, it's like they're looking for back up as they can't talk to the person civilly on their own.
We are grown up enough now to sort out any disputes we have with people away from the sight of others, without the stupid, bitchy comments that have nothing to do with the original point.
I'm less than 5 years away from entering the real world where everything is grown up and you have to deal with rubbish things people say every day! If people my age and older can't deal with their own problems in a way that is mature and not like a 13 year old girl, how are they anywhere near being let loose on the world and with a job?! It's just amazing to think that it's inevitable, and frankly, I'm worried.
Jess xx

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